95 Old School Video Games

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Want a blast from the past…. The you need to check out this website.

What’s you favorite? Its a toss up between 1942, Defender and Galaga.

Enjoy this….


I Loath You Snow Plow

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Die, Die Die…

Why can’t you just post a schedule of when you will go by…

Don’t you know I just finished plowing the driveway from the last time you went around the block. You are so inconsiderate!

I remember back in the day when I was growing up a snow plow just like you kept taking down one of our neighbors mailboxes… Then one spring afternoon I came outside to see the neighbor sinking an I-beam in 6 ft of concrete and adding plywood to disguise the masterpiece. New Mailbox…Bingo!

Fast forward to the next winter. I come strolling out of the house to find the right “wing” of the local city snow plow sitting there attached to the “mail box”…hydraulic fluid and some twisted fittings on the ground.

I just smiled!

Photoshop Evolution

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Here is a great picture of the 20 years of Adobe Photoshop tool pallet evolution, Thank you Gizmoto
I remember using Photoshop back at version .87….do you?

Snowplow Priorities after Snowfall

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This totally made me smile knowing all the snow we have had in Appleton so far this yearover 35 Inches and this is the first day of winter. Thank you GraphJam

Reloading Windws

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What is the hardest part about reloading MS Windows? I say its the drivers. Collecting all the drivers and updating to make sure you have the latest and greatest. This great article over at digital inspiration has a great article on the steps to make reinstalling a no brainier. One key here as they point out is collecting the drivers. This great tool called DriverMax takes all the leg work out of this for you. It checks drivers for updates, backs them up even has a web interface to track your drivers and configurations. It’s pretty slick. I just love google reader for finding all these tasty tidbits…

12 Things You Didin’t Know About A Christmas Story

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I loved a Christmas Story! What a riot. I know I have seen it over 25 times myself… and I think I have it down word for word…well not all of it.
Here is a listing of 12 things I bet you didn’t know about this great movie! Merry Christmas.

Running on Empty

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I’m on a kick today and its not good… Let me set the stage for you.

We have this support issue with one of our trusted vendors. They have this system that we use and they support it remotely. Well it’s not just a system, its our huge workflow system here at the plant and throughout the whole org. In the old days they used to support it via 56K modems and this was way too slow. They kicked up their support offerings a notch and now they can access all their installed machines via something I like to call the world wide web. Faster, better, SUPER!! Well this is true for all the 4000 other systems they have ever sold except for the systems that are installed here at the little place I like to call work!! Why is that you ask? Well for some reason our technology staff does not like something about the way the remote connection software works. They say it goes against SOX rules and it rubs the “governance” people the wrong way. What the? Do they have any clue how much longer support takes at 56K vs T-1 or T-3 speeds? Certainly all the “governance” people do not use dial up at home do they?

So thinking I was so smart, I took a stab at this and called some lower level tech guy to see what the “H” was the matter with him. I was respectful and tactful but this guy was not hearing anything I had to say. It was going in one ear and out the other. All I heard was “back of the hand”, this rule, that rule, this wall, that wall… nothing doing! I really felt like John Candy in Uncle Buck as he talked to his girlfriend on the phone. The vid quality stinks, but you get the idea of how the conversation went. I could not get in a word edgewise at all.

“Okay, that didn’t go well!” as I hear my boss routinely say after a thrashing of a conference call.

How can these people run on empty like this and hide behind all these rules? I’m not trying to cause trouble, I just want to do what an honest EDUCATED answer to my inquiries. I’m just asking the question… a few “Why'”s and then I’m be on my way. Why can they not answer me in a civilize manner, instead hide behind PDF files and corporate websites. I know, they have no clue and this is the only way to get me off their back..is that it?

We have a preferred vendor we spend millions upon millions of dollars with, plus we trust basically our entire workflow to them, BUT we do not trust them enough to have high speed internet access to their servers? I just do not get it at all. I feel like i’m banging my head against a wall when I talk to these people. Is it just me?